Station Casinos – My Account

Project Features

  • Custom UI Design
  • Custom API Integration

Project Description

While working at Station Casinos in Las Vegas in 2012, I was tasked with designing and developing the mobile version of the "My Account" section of the new website. The purpose of this section of the website, is to allow registered Casino players with player cards to access and manage features of their account on a website tailored to mobile devices.

By developing a custom secure integration to Station Casinos' proprietary Membership API, I was able to develop the site so once a user logs in, they are able to:

  • See how many "Points" have been earned
  • See what Status Level the user is at (and how many "Points" until the next Level)
  • View Special Offers personalized to each user
  • See the status of game Drawings the user has entered
  • Read messages personalized to each user
  • Update Physical and Mailing address

At this time (July 2019), Station Casinos are still using the solution I developed.