Carr Cellular Fitness

Project Features

  • Custom Theme Design
  • Gutenberg Block Editor Integration
  • Custom WooCommerce Integration

Project Description

I had a great time working with supplement company Carr Cellular Fitness. When it was time to give their website a facelift, I decided to utilize a compelling action-oriented design and combine it with the latest and greatest features of the Gutenberg Block Editor. Not only would Carr Cellular Fitness have a great web presence, but their site would load faster and would be easier for the client to edit.

I made the Carr Cellular Fitness Theme design simple, so each section of the site could be modular and able to be reorganized on each page. Featuring bright tones of blue, green, and red, the color scheme compliments the colors of the Carr Cellular Fitness logo, to further enforce the brand image. The homepage features a prominent "hero" carousel at the top to convey the idea that all kinds of people use Carr Cellular Fitness supplements to enhance their active lifestyles. Lower on the homepage, you can see a "Featured Products" showcase slider which imports custom field information from each product.

One major challenge in this project was keeping the design of the theme in line with the capabilities of the Gutenberg Block Editor, and being mindful to limit how much content will be downloaded to mobile devices. In an age where more and more visitors are on their phones, I developed this site with a mobile-first mentality to guarantee the site will load fast for users on the go.

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