Exquisite Grill

Project Features

  • Custom Theme Design
  • Gutenberg Block Editor Integration
  • Custom Menus Implementation

Project Description

The Exquisite Grill website project was very fun for me. I had the opportunity to give the existing website a makeover, and I decided to utilize a strong easy-to-read design and captivating stock photography. From the beginning, I designed the website to be built using the WordPress Block Editor, so the website would be easier for the client to edit, and would load faster for site visitors.

The design of the Exquisite Grill site uses a simple layout, so each section could be reorganized as the client desires. I knew the main focus of the website was going to be the catering and food services that visitors would be paying for, so I wanted to rely on the food photos to really pop and add color throughout the site.

The homepage features a familiar "hero" carousel at the top to showcase the delicious food options available for customers. Lower on the homepage, I've added a booking calendar for potential clients to request catering services on specific dates, directly from the website.

One difficult challenge I encountered in the project was how to create an attractive and mobile-responsive menu page that could be easily edited using only the blocks available in the Block Editor. I used CSS Grid layout to help transform the menu sections from a rigid print document layout to fluid responsive columns on the website.

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