Enable Threaded Comments in your WordPress Theme

Threaded Comments are a great way to visually show direct replies to comments. When a person replies to a comment already on your site, the reply will display indented underneath the original comment. To enable Threaded Comments in your theme, simply add the following lines to your functions.php file:

Now you will be able to see Threaded Comments wherever comments are shown on your theme.

One Reply to “Enable Threaded Comments in your WordPress Theme”

  1. I added this to my functions.php as part of my upgrading my blog and theme to WordPress 5.0.2 and it doesn’t quite work. I can leave a comment and old comments can be threaded that were left while I was running DISQUS. I have to remove DISQUS for speed and because it is blocked in China so I’m trying to make native WordPress plugins work. What else could be causing this? I get this error in the console to:

    ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: addComment

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